Compassion Fatigue supporting Health care professionals

Reviewing the compassion research: Results show that community nurses who score high on measures of self-compassion and wellbeing, also report less burnout. Greater compassion satisfaction was also positively associated with compassion for others, and wellbeing, whilst also being negatively correlated with burnout. These studies are concluding that: High levels of self-compassion were linked with lower levels of burnout. Furthermore when community nurses have greater compassion satisfaction they also report more compassion for others, increased wellbeing, and less burnout. The implications of this are discussed alongside suggestions for the promotion of greater compassion 1. Assisting healt

Meditation Easy as ABC

Meditation easy as ABC Strategies for life 1. Executive summary 2. Why meditation 3. Meditation and spirituality 4. Meditation versus visualisation 5. The beginning point, A B C 6. Profound moments 7. Meditation in the workplace 8. Learning meditation Mindfulness Compassion and Meditation More and more research is highlighting the benefits of “meditation practices” in overcoming psychological distress caused by trauma, anxiety, depression and general life/work stresses. These approaches are psychological adaptations of Buddhist philosophy but are not reliant on any religious or spiritual paradigms. Physiological changes occur when you meditate and these can be scientifically measured. Change

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