We grow from life’s adversities, some of us get stuck in our shame and dissociate from fear, we survive and cope the best we can. This 30 day e.learning program can be downloaded on your device for you to work through each lesson.  The interactive program has psychoeducation, audio meditations, and workbook for your online learning.  You receive daily exercises to practice and this is for anyone who has been effected by adversity in their lives and would like to learn ways to nurture and self care.  Simonette draws upon evidence based mindfulness and compassion practice, and her own lived experiences, that set her on her path of in-depth study and growth. Since the early 90’s Simonette, as a registered psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist, was developing and delivering wellbeing and creativity programs for people from all walks of life; working with survivors who had suffered  trauma related distress, either supporting others, or whom had been victims themselves; consulting over short and longer periods of time.  Simonette offering practical and evidenced based approaches for people trying to cope with their eating, sexual, relationships, body image, mental health difficulties.  Mindfulness and compassionate ways to create and sustain a fulfilling life. This audio program and e-Journal is filled with insights and self care practices to nourish and sustain you  regardless of what is arising  and passing by in your life.  When you purchase you will receive a link to paste into your webbrowser to work online.  You can email Simonette directly with any questions along your e.learning journey.  simpsych@gmail.com  

Leading a fulfilling life -e.learning workbook