This is a comprehensive manual for facilitators of groups: Mindfulness and Compassion meditation; Creative Arts; Group dynamics.  How to facilitate your own Mind-Health Circles.  Mind-Health Programs:                        GUIDING PRINCIPLES

  • To encourage people to experience being in Nature in a meditative and contemplative manner.
  • To allow people to express their individuality, unique gifts and talents through the faculties and senses: visual, kinaesthetic, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, aroma.
  • To connect with your “Authentic Self”, to access inner Wisdom and develop Intuition.To explore the use of creative and imaginative processes in everyday life.To teach the art of meditative practices that improve emotional and physical health that can lead to fully functioning lives.
  • To build relationships with others through seeking mutual understanding and shared responsibility.
  • To feel free to express emotional experiences and understand emotional responses.
  • To laugh and experience happiness.
  • To be self-responsible and yet aware of the interconnection to others and to our environment.
  • To build ritual and spiritual awareness into everyday life.

Mind-Health Facilitator Manual