Our mission is to strengthen and encourage compassionate self care for providers and carers along their journey of care and support to family and people in aged care and end of life circumstances

The Mind Health Circle

As a Peer group program that provides weekly peer support solutions for people in professions at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, burnout and vicarious stress. It has been designed for staff who are in caring roles where caring for others impacts on everyone’s emotional wellbeing, such as:

 ▪ Doctors and Registered nurses in hospital and private practice settings

 ▪ Allied health workers in hospital and private practice settings

▪ Hospice and aged care professionals

▪ Call centre and emergency services paramedics

▪ Welfare and community services providers

Mind-Health Facilitator Manual


Introducing an online live weekly peer led mind-health circle.  Which provides a safe space for regular self care practices that sustain mental health and wellbeing.  

There is a two day Mind Health Facilitator training program that covers topics such as the following list:

  1. mindfulness in everyday life

  2. self-care practices - evidence based

  3. peer support - deep listening and reflection

  4. maintaining psychological safety and trust

  5. cultivating compassion for self and others

  6. Sustaining team engagement

  7. improving self efficacy and work satisfaction

  8. develop facilitation skills and leadership capabilities

  9. emotional agility and regulation

  10. overall wellbeing and job satisfaction

  11. self-care plan


Growing authentic relationships and maintaining self care and resilience that flows through to the wider service provided. Compassion8 care circles take care of your people to enhance their emotional resilience and team cohesiveness.